Up, Down ‘n All Around

We’ve decided to call our trip Up, Down ‘n All Around because, lets face it, they’re a bit all over the place… in more ways than one…

Thanks to Shane at Evolution in Austin for designing the cool graphics, and to Thomas and Clare who always receive our crazy artwork ideas and my bad drawings with the seriousness they don’t deserve.


  1. I’m afraid I haven’t read everything yet – and may not catch up for a few days either – but just wanted to wish you both luck! Sounds like a fantastic trip, and I look forward to seeing photos at some point…. and speaking of which, I love your cover shot, although I do hope you’re not hiking in those great looking boots!

    Safe Travels

    • Hi Rob

      Great to hear from you!

      You’ll be pleased to know that the boots in the photo are strictly for hanging out and avoiding snakes and scorpions in Texas and Spain!

      Not much Internet coverage on the trail, but hope to be able to update the blog fairly regularly.

      More news soon!

      All the best from AZ


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