To our families, friends and random readers, my apologies for the episodes of our adventure missing from the past few days (watch this space). However, we couldn’t let this evening pass without letting you know that WE MADE IT!!! …to the US-Mexico border at about 12.45h today (and then 5 more miles to our rendezvous with Gerry of Patagonia’s Stage Stop Inn, who very kindly collected us), ending our epic hike across Arizona and up and down many of its most impressive mountain ranges. …and to prove it, here’s a terrible video we made at the scene of the crime:

Yours very excited about the pizza we’re about to eat at the Velvet Elvis pizzeria

Françoise and Glenn

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  1. Ruth & Dave Slaughter
    Saturday 8 December 2012, 7:06 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an experience and adventure!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us “wanna-be’s” and see you soon:) So happy for you both and so proud to know you both!!
    David & Ruth

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