Thank you, Mitzi!

A special thank you to Mitzi, who went out of her way to drive into the centre of Flagstaff, which is not even where she lives, to buy two surprise beers for us at the Weatherford Hotel, where we had a reservation. They were waiting for us behind the bar when we arrived tired and thirsty that evening. Thank you!

Thank you also to Mitzi and her family for offering us water from their Grand View Tower camp a week earlier.

You are all very kind!


  1. You’re welcome!! Hope you guys are doing well. I just hiked out of Havasu Canyon today after spending 3 days playing in the waterfalls. 11 miles from campground to parking lot and I’m pooped. It makes me realize how monumental your hike is. You guys rock!! Good luck and hope you have a great time.

  2. So nice to meet you both in Sedona. I hope Glenn is healing nicely and that you have had some luxurious days with fresh water and such. Can’t wait to hear about your next great adventure!

    • Great to meet you both! Glenn’s leg seems to be on the mend, so we hope to be back on the trail in a few days’ time. Hope you had a good trip back to California and that you’re lining up new bike races, that long-distance hike and other adventures too. Let us know if you come over to Spain…

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