Heavy stuff!

After frantic packing, repacking, re-repacking and enforced separation from my tripod and a lot of other camera paraphernalia, we finally reduced our backpacks to a weight which we thought wouldn’t actually crush us on the first day. My pack without water now only weighs a whopping 40.8 pounds (18.5 kg), but we do have painkillers… and I’m really excited about this hike.

Tomorrow, we take the first step on our 800-900 mile walkathon. Wish us good luck and superhero-like backpack carrying strength!


  1. I wish you mighty muscles and feather-light feet!

  2. Good luck guys.

    At the beginning of his book, A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson talks about packing for a walk along the whole length of the Appalachian Way.

    He packs; it’s much too heavy. He re-packs; still can’t lift it. Then he loses half of it; and sets off. On the first day of his hike, he jettisons further luggage…

    Good luck to you both. Hope you have a great time.

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