Glenn du Pree

Roosevelt Lake to Roger’s Trough

We're looking forward to ecstatic recognition and applause from the international scientific community. Our research in the Superstition Wilderness has allowed us to establish with 100% certainty that the Superstition bees are irresistibly attracted to bright blue. Our methodical experiments with blue-zipped Zip Lock bags, the blue tubes on our water reservoirs, bright blue M & Ms and the TP's…
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LF Ranch to Highway 87

In 5.5 days, we only saw 1 human being: I saw Glenn and Glenn saw me. For all we know, for most of that time we were the only humans in the 252,500 acres (1022 km2) Mazatzal Wilderness (Mazatzal meaning Land of Deer in Aztec, even though the Aztecs aren't supposed to have come this far north), especially given that…
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